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Arts marketers, digital staff, box office, operations, fundraisers - anyone who might be a client of ours - these articles are especially for you. We try to keep the jargon light and focus on how you can get the best out of your site, your developers and your budget.

The importance of reliability 15 Mar 2014

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It should be obvious that your site's not working if it's offline or showing error pages - but did you know that problems like this can have an impact long after site is back to normal? And are you aware of the impact slow page load times can have even when the site is working perfectly?
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For developers

Articles on our developer blog will be more technical and a bit more detailed. You might still find our client blog interesting for high-level concepts, but you'll find more to chew on here - advice, opinions, code and information on our open source work.

Care about code? Need a job? 17 Mar 2014

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We have a full time vacancy in our development team for a creative and methodical web artisan early in their career. If you want to build your skills by working on a mix of challenging and bespoke projects in a supportive environment this could be just the job you're looking for.
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