Our vision

We aim to bring the best of new technology to arts and festival organisations and those with similar challenges. We build websites and applications that work, last, and provide genuine business value over the long term.

We take most inspiration from the world of lean technology startups, which have produced an ongoing cycle of rapid innovation, quality delivery and robust technical infrastructure behind the growth and development of some of the most successful technology companies of our time. The tools, processes and practices created in the lean startup world support the delivery of high quality technology products at the lowest possible risk and cost. To date, traditional digital agencies have been slower to respond to the opportunities presented by these new ways of working for client work.

We believe that the arts and culture sectors have many unique challenges that are not well served by existing tools and software, and too often have had to implement partial solutions within their own websites or databases. These frequently duplicate work done by others and commonly do not significantly improve internal processes. We want to increase the range of open source and commercial software available to address specific and common issues – so that the sectors can more effectively pool technical resources and apply their energy, creativity and budgets to core business.

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Andrew Coulton

Andrew formed inGenerator in late 2012 after spending almost 13 years in roles supporting delivery of the arts in Scotland. He was Administrative Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival from May 2009 – January 2013, responsible for the organisation’s strategic planning, public funding, finance, administration and festival delivery. Before joining the Book Festival’s permanent staff, Andrew spent ten years working as a production and technical manager, lighting designer and electrician through PROScenia, his previous business. He delivered a wide range of projects for clients including the Book Festival, the National Theatre of Scotland, Visible Fictions, TAG, the Citizen’s Theatre, Grid Iron, the Traverse and Prime Productions.

As part of his Book Festival role, Andrew was a member of the Board of Festivals Edinburgh and spent almost four years chairing the cross-festival Environmental Sustainability and Innovation working groups. Through these groups, the Edinburgh Festivals played a key role in laying the foundations for a number of organisations and programmes supporting carbon reduction and technical innovation across the Scottish cultural sector.

Andrew started writing code almost before he started writing English (and has the atrocious handwriting to prove it). Throughout his career in the arts he has developed and supported a wide range of business critical desktop and web-based systems - including a suite of applications that since 2007 have transformed the Book Festival's efficiency and operations. He is thrilled now to be able to spend more of his time solving these kinds of problems, and to be supporting a wider range of arts and culture organisations.